AQT (Achieving Quality Together)



We are delighted to be working in partnership with four other schools.  The AQT (Achieving Quality Together) Partnership consists of us, Navenby Church of England Primary School, Caythorpe Primary School, and Welbourn Church of England Primary School, Billingborough Primary School and Osbournby Primary School.


Established in September 2011 and officially ‘launched’ in May 2012, the Partnership has worked together in order to provide opportunities for the children in all 5 schools to collaborate and share learning experiences; it has also allowed staff to learn together and from each other and give insights into how things operate in other schools.  The Headteachers meet regularly to plan events and the Governors have also had opportunities to meet together to strengthen their respective roles.

An awful lot has been achieved since the Partnership was launched in May 2012 and we are continuously looking at ways in which we are able to collaborate for the good of our schools and the children within them.


  • Gifted and Talented IT/maths children worked collaboratively to produce our AQT logo on ipads.  The children attended the launch and explained what they had done to produce it.  They also visited each of the 5 schools to lead an assembly.
  • Gifted and talented musicians worked with music experts from Navenby and Welbourn to produce a Partnership song outlining our commitment to working together to bring success.
  • Gifted mathematicians from across the Partnership have  the opportunity to work together at the local secondary school (SWRA). 
  • Governors met at Caythorpe to discuss their roles, learn what other Governing Bodies do and come up with a plan of action as to what they can do to improve.  Governors reported that this was hugely beneficial and all of the Governing Bodies learnt something from the other Governors there.  It was also very well attended and something that they were keen to do again.  The evening was organised by the 5 Headteachers
  • The Maths leaders meet termly to look at boosting maths standards across the Partnership. 
  • The Literacy leaders have met to look at providing challenges for the G&T writers across the partnership and are meeting to provide Professional Development for Teachers and Teaching Assistants in quality assessment.
  • We have had shared CPD for all staff using external trainers.  For example,  all staff went to Our Lady for ipad training from Cambridge Education.  Staff were able to liaise with each other and discuss their roles and responsibilities in school.  Many staff have established a link with at least one other person; a ‘contact’ list has also been produced so staff can contact each other for advice and guidance outside of their own establishment.
  • To improve CPD, staff  from all 5 schools have run workshops in an area which they consider is a strength of theirs.  Staff attend upto 6 workshops across the year.  This is giving staff responsibility for leading but also learning from each other.  CPD costs are therefore being kept low.
  • Headteachers have worked together to ensure that purchases were bought at reduced rates ensuring value for money.
  • The collective staff met at Welbourn to look at writing moderation across the partnership.  The impact of this was proactive dialogue between staff and a greater understanding of what levels look like.  This ensures that teacher assessment is as accurate as it can be.
  • The Headteachers have also carried out learning walks to offer support and advice and to give an ‘outsider’s’ view. 
  • We are currently working on a shared project for our Pupil Premium Children in which we will be ensuring the children are able to access a wealth of different resources and experiences. 

We are looking forward to further collaboration not only to enhance the children’ learning opportunities but to work together to bring the best for everyone. Click on the images below to access the website of each of our partnership schools.