AQT (Achieving Quality Together)



We are delighted to be working in partnership with four other schools.  The AQT (Achieving Quality Together) Partnership consists of our school, Navenby Church of England Primary School, Welbourn Church of England Primary School, Billingborough Primary School and Osbournby Primary School.

Officially launched in May 2012, the Partnership has worked together in order to provide opportunities for the children in all 5 schools to collaborate and share learning experiences; it has also allowed staff to learn together and from each other and give insights into how things operate in other schools.  The Headteachers meet regularly to plan events and the Governors have also had opportunities to meet together to strengthen their respective roles.

An awful lot has been achieved since the Partnership began in May 2012 and we are continuously looking at ways in which we are able to collaborate for the good of our schools and the children within them.

We are looking forward to further collaboration not only to enhance the children’ learning opportunities but to work together to bring the best for everyone.