Class Canada

PE days in Class Canada are Thursdays and Fridays. Please ensure a full kit is in school, with suitable footwear for your child to enjoy PE both indoor and outdoor. Please tie back any long hair and remove any earrings.


Spelling focus for each week will be sent out on Fridays in their reading records. Homework will alternate each week between maths and english/topic. This will be sent out on a Friday and will be due the following Thursday unless stated any differently.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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     Welcome to Class Canada!

This year we are very excited to have 26 year 2 children with us. The Class is primarily taught by Miss Footitt, except Tuesday afternoons when Mrs Dickinson will cover the class. Miss Crosby is the class TA and works with the children every morning and Monday afternoons.

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  We love to read in our class and we make sure the children read everyday whether with an adult, independently or with a friend. Please help us instill a love of reading within your child and share their reading books or other stories at home. We love to hear about how the children are doing at home so let us know by writing it in their reading records.

Miss Crosby and I will be available on the playground before school every morning and will also be available after school. Any important messages, changes to collection or any exciting news or achievements please do come and share these with us or write them in their reading records.

If you have any spare time to come and join our team, to read with the children etc then we would love to welcome you and will give you all the information about becoming a volunteer.

Many thanks.

Miss Footitt and Miss Crosby