Download Digiduck's Interactive Story App

A great story to share with younger children to develop awareness of e-safety and online behaviour.


Lego Movie Maker

A favourite App for children of all ages.  Create your own stop-motion animation videos using lego bricks.  A great way to develop your story telling skills, as well as your computing knowledge. 




Children at Ancaster Church of England Primary School are encouraged to use digital technology to support their learning in all aspects of the National Currciculm.  Primary aged children have access to a wide range of online and digital experiences, so we place an emphasis on teaching the children how to protect themselves when engaged on the Internet.


Our pupils are encouraged to reflect upon the 5 SMART rules for E-Safety:

  • S - Safe
  • M - Meeting
  • A - Accepting
  • R - Reliable
  • T - Tell


You can find out more about these rules by visiting the 'Kids Smart' Website.


Lots of helpful advice and tips for parents, can be found on the Lincolnshire County Council website.


If you would like to discuss any e-safety concerns, please speak to your child's class teacher or Mrs Rachael Glendinning (Computing Subject Leader).