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Can you spot our Young Ambassadors in this local news clip? They passed the Inspire+ baton to Barkston and Syston Primary School.


Ancaster Physical Education Sport Premium

Sports Pupil Premium 2017/2018

Total Allocation for 2017/18-£17,410

Every school in England receives additional sports funding through Sports Pupil Premium.

At Ancaster Church of England Primary School, we use Sports Premium funding to ensure there is a well-established and thriving sports programme. This money is used to further enhance the quality and range of experiences pupils receive. We also use this money to improve professional development and confidence amongst staff in the delivery of high quality PE lessons across the school. We believe that this has a long lasting and positive effect on the future learning and physical development of children within our school.


Ancaster has chosen to join a Sports Partnership of Primary and Secondary schools with a focus on increasing the quality and quantity of primary school sport. Membership of this charity, entitled Inspire + is a yearly subscription aimed at supporting schools in the Grantham area. This is the 4th Year that we have bought the services of Inspire +. Click here to access the Inspire+ website. Cost: £8000

The aim of this partnership will be:

  • To provide an extensive range of professional development opportunities for staff;
    A comprehensive programme of primary school sport specific courses is organised, aimed at supporting school staff to deliver high quality PE and sport. There is a comprehensive list of courses mapped that include: gymnastics, dance, athletics, football and teaching swimming. Additional Cost: £600 (Release time for staff to attend training).
  • To provide specialist sports coaching and staff mentoring;
    As part of membership this year, qualified sports coaching will be offered to provide a comprehensive range of activities with local, dependable, qualified and DBS checked coaches, who will inspire pupils to continue in both the school and community setting. They will also work with teachers to utilise this time. Teachers are expected to play an active part of this support. Additional Outreach Support to be purchased outside of the Core Offer to ensure that all classes/every year group have access to a Specialist Coach-Cost (Part of the Inspire+ offer)
  • To ensure the expansion of school links to community sports providers (Part of the Inspire+ offer)
  • To successfully monitor and enhance our new PE scheme of work from EYFS up to Year 6 (Real PE) and complement this with new Real Gymnastics resources.
    Our PE Leader will be supported through Inspire+ to ensure teaching staff are confident in delivering an outstanding skills based scheme of work for PE, progressing from EYFS up to Year 6. Alongside developing fundamental movement skills, we are now introducing the Real Gymnastics scheme of work to further enhance the quality of our PE delivery. Additional Cost: £475
  • To support monitoring, evaluating and evidence development;
    Our Sports Premium PE Leader will be supported through Inspire+ to articulate a clear vision for PE, set high expectations of staff and pupils and provide schemes of work if necessary. The real PE scheme of work also provides an assessment framework to help the school track pupils’ progress and next steps throughout primary school. Additional Cost: £450 (Release time).

Additional spending outside of the Inspire membership

  • To improve the storage and accessibility of the PE equipment store. Cost: £750
    The PE equipment store has now been update so that PE leaders; such as the Bronze Young Ambassadors and Playground Leaders; can take responsibility for organising and storing sports equipment.
  • To purchase new sporting equipment
    The school have updated our gymnastics equipment; including new benches and tables; along with additional resources such as tennis balls, footballs, rugby balls and cones. Resources were also purchased to ensure that the different activities on offer have longevity within school and are not only taught in isolation whilst the coach was in school. Cost: £890

Total Budget £18000

Any money left will be spent on releasing staff to attend courses and CPD, attending inter and intra sport competitions and continuing to purchase high quality resources to aid teaching and learning of PE.

Evaluating the impact

Teachers now conduct a base line assessment of pupils at the start of each PE unit, followed by another assessment at the end of a unit, to check progress. The PE leader also collects information about the pupils’ participation in sport (e.g. after school clubs, competitions and community sports clubs) throughout the year. This data is then analysed so that provision can be put into place for any areas of need or low participation. Finally the expertise and confidence of staff in the planning and delivery of PE is evaluated through observations and questionnaires. This will be evaluated on a yearly basis and inform future action plans.

Expected Outcomes

Increased expertise and confidence for staff in the planning and delivery of PE, judged through staff questionnaires.

Increased participation rates of our pupils in after school clubs, competitions and community sports clubs.

Higher quality of impact within physical education judged through lesson observations and the assessment of pupils’ progress against the national curriculum.

P.E equipment is used and organised more effectively and this is noted and judged through planning and additional responsibilities for the schools PE leaders.

Evidence of Outcomes 2016-17-Total Grant £8600

Click here to access our impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium Ancaster Church of England Primary School 2016/17

Click here to access our impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium Ancaster Church of England Primary School 2017/18

We firmly believe that this grant is having a incredibly positive effect on the outcomes within PE across the school. Ancaster is committed to providing Value for Money and ensure that the grant is utilised to benefit the children's education whilst having a transformative effect on Teaching Staff's ability to plan and prepare effective sequences of PE lessons for our pupils.