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News Updates-06th November 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find below an update regarding several events happening over the next week.


We have poppies and related items on sale in school each day to build up to Armistice Day and these will be sold until Friday. If you would like your child to purchase an item, please either visit the school office or send the donation in with your child where the box will visit the class each day.

Anti-Bullying Week

Next week is Anti-Bullying week and we participate in sharing the messages to raise awareness and proactively help to remove bullying from schools. As part of this, we are encouraging our participation in Odd Socks Day on Monday 12th September. There is no pressure on the children to wear the latest fashion or for parents to buy expensive socks-All children have to do to take part is wear odd socks to school, it couldn’t be simpler! We are not fund raising on this occasion, we are using this as a mechanism for raising awareness. 

Children in Need

Friday 16th November is Children in Need Day and we will be helping to celebrate this worthy charity by encouraging the children to wear non-uniform, if they wish, for the day. We are also asking for donations of cakes to be able to hold a Cake Sale during school time so if you are happy to donate cakes, please ensure these are at the office by start of the school day on Friday 16th. You may send money with your child to spend at the cake sale but please ensure that this is in a marked envelope to avoid the child losing it etc. Thank you for your support in recognising the very important work this charity does.

Best Wishes,

Sam Eden


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