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Christmas Fayre

Dear Parents and Carers,


Ahead of the Christmas Fayre tomorrow, I would like to send some information that will help prepare the collection of the children and smooth running of the fayre. This year, we are trying to maximise the outdoor space and will be holding the Fayre outside at the front of school. Please wrap up warm as there will be lots to see and do and we cannot wait to share it with you.


Collection of Children

Children can be collected for the Fayre at 2.30pm. Please wait by the blue gates and once opened, proceed to where you collect your child usually. The teachers will ask you to sign out your child and they will then become your responsibility. Once you have your children, please return to the school car park and wait in front of the Christmas Tree as the fayre will not begin until all children have been signed out.  Please note that the fayre is not open at this point.



If your child is in choir, please can we ask that the children are not collected until around 3pm (after choir have sang) as they are performing to start off the festivities.


Opening of the Fayre

Our choir will sing to their audience at approximately 2.45pm. Once they have sang, the Fayre will be officially opened. Please note that no items can be bought until the fayre is officially opened.


Children who are not collected

Children who are not collected will be supervised by school adults and will be in school until you collect. Should you come before 3.30pm, you will be able to collect from the Reception Class-please see a member of staff who will escort you to collect. ALL children must be collected at 3.30pm.



As we are using the school car park, we will have moved all of the cars belonging to staff to the road prior to the fayre taking place. Please can we ask that you, as best as possible, try not to park in the vicinity of the school and where possible, walk to the fayre. Another possibility is to use the Social Club and walk to the school to enjoy the festivities.


Christmas Jumpers

Whilst we recognise that tomorrow is the official Christmas Jumper Day and many establishments are encouraging people to wear them tomorrow, we are not taking part as a school and children should be in full school uniform for the day. Should you wish your child to wear a Christmas jumper for the fayre, then please bring this with you when you collect from 2.30pm and change them into it yourself-we are more than happy to see people looking as Christmassy as possible!


We hope that everyone enjoys the new format of the Christmas Fayre and the fun we are likely to have. Please note that all money raised will be spent on providing educational experiences and resources for the children so the more people that can come the merrier. We hope to see as many people as possible!


Yours Sincerely,


Mr Sam Eden



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