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Free Drama and Creative Writing Resources

We have been sent the free resource below from Leeds Beckett University to share with you.

A new and free creative immersive drama and creative writing project is being launched for pupils, ages 7-11 years, who are either in school or are home schooling.
The project, Saving Anksi, will launch week beginning 11th May.
Over 3 weeks, children are invited to explore the story by investigating artefacts from museums, storytellers and artists as they piece together clues in the story world. They will share ideas with other children through the story.
The story will also consider looking after our planet by exploring eco-literacy. We will also be running a creative writing competition (announced in week 3).

The project is a collaboration created by colleagues from the Storymakers Company, based at Leeds Beckett University and many of our associate storyweavers.

Children are encouraged to share their story responses by uploading their creations, these will not feature any videos revealing children’s identities, but it can be their voices telling or reading their story with an image or picture.  We would like to use children’s online ideas and responses to write about this story. We are using padlet software and so would like to request that teachers/parents/carers/ adults take responsibility for the uploading process. All uploads will be checked before they appear, and so you may need to wait for a day before your creation appears!

Please use the link below to start the adventure.

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